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Biểu tượng
Tác giả Baroque
Ca sĩ Baroque
Độ dài 4:04
BPM 133
Cấp độ Số nốt
1 424
7 906


Cytus Chapter VIII - Scherzo04:12

Cytus Chapter VIII - Scherzo

Lời bài hátsửa

 Sweet, my sweet, more sweet in the end
 sing me words dried more than the sand
 dreams of love and death
 shamrocks in your hair
 Leave, just leave this synthetic place
 grass and worms will grow on the face
 Snow-White treated skin
 makes their death looking so evergreen!
 Drinking some tea with trees in my backyard
 gardens of daffodils dancing meanwhile
 Yes, now I dance like a fool!
 Fairies blowing dust
 joke me with a taste of lust
 skies are moving fast
 so dance this ball as if you're going mad!
 Drinking some pints of wine in a graveyard
 gardens of daffodils dancing meanwhile
 Yes, now I dance as a fool!
 I'd love to be
 green as a leaf
 drunk of the springtime
 life's never been
 green as a leaf
 to this sin...
 to this sin!
 To this sin...
 to this sin!

(Chưa có)

Bên lềsửa

  • Từ Scherzo trong tiếng Ý có nghĩa là "lời nói đùa".
  • Tên đầy đủ của bài này là "Scherzo n°1 in D Minor" từ Album "La Fiaba della Buona Notte" đầu tay của Baroque.

Độ khó thay đổisửa

Phiên bảnDễKhó
4.0 2 7
4.5 1 7

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