Witch's Invitation

Witch's Invitation
Deemo collection VI Chế độ Cấp độ Số nốt
Dễ 3 376
Thường 6 716
Khó 8 898
BPM 132


Deemo - Witch's Invitation - Collection 402:41

Deemo - Witch's Invitation - Collection 4

Lời bài hátsửa

When you lied, I lied
Things could have turned out right
You died, survived
The Witch’s reconstruction
Progressive evolution
Until your semi-completion
Lovely diversion

Thousand pixies fly
Dancing in the golden sky

Rise from bed
For the ones who sacrificed
The ones who never cried
The ones who haven’t died
The ones who are alive


Set me free
Yesterday’s already history
Paint your own future story trees
When will I be able to walk out misery
Plastic eyes that let you see
Until the day we finally meet
Logic, theory, philosophy
For humanity

Listen to the chanting of the rain
Embrace the petrified river’s pain
Take a walk around the edge of ocean’s vein
Soak up all the warmth at your domain

yume ni mita sekai wa
kuru kuru to mawari tsuduke

Pop and plop and flop and toss
Hop and drop and slop and waltz

poro poro to hagareta
kimi no ude wo dakishime nagara

Pop and plop and flop and toss
Hop and drop and slop and waltz

Purple-black tea 
Spilled on your memories 
Poison cookies 
For the Witch’s enemy 
Humbly gradually frivolously thoughtlessly 
For you 
Butter pancakes coated with candied blueberries 
Mango yogurt sprinkled with marshmallow jelly <br>
Not until death do us part 
Forbidden plastic heart supported you far 
Not until death do us part 
Followed another restart 

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